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First Congregational Church 																																														Portland, Michigan

We, at the First Congregational Church, believe in the teaching of Jesus Christ

and witnessing His love to one another and the community.

About Us

Worship Services -- Our worship service is a warm, more traditional/blended style service in an historic meeting house with modern conveniences: handicapped accessibility and air conditioning. We welcome all to our worship. Our youth are active participants in our worship and any who profess Jesus Christ as Lord are invited to share in our communion celebration. Worship services held Sunday at 10:00 a.m.

We are a family  oriented, traditional style church family with open arms and open hearts. We enjoy many of the traditional kinds of things: potlucks, church picnics, Sunday school, outings together, and cookies and coffee following worship. However, we are open to new ideas and enjoy new opportunities to worship and serve. We cater to special needs and embrace diversity. Everyone is welcome.

Worship Services 10 AM Sunday


Rev. Dr. Marilyn V Danielson


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